Breakthrough thinking

Ever found yourself stuck, circling around a problem with no clear solution in sight? That's where breakthrough thinking comes in. Breakthrough thinking pushes us to question the invisible boundaries we unknowingly set for ourselves.

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If you’ve ever tried to optimize a piece of software, you know the journey through O(n^2), O(n), O(log(n)), and O(1). Have you ever tried to get to O(zero)?.

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Reduce tech debt with the help of engineering OKRs

Discover how to effectively manage tech debt in software engineering using OKRs. This article provides a comprehensive guide with practical steps and a real-life case study from a Silicon Valley startup. Learn strategies to improve code quality, reduce linting errors, and foster a culture of continuous improvement in your engineering team.

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Practical Real-life Engineering Documentation Best Practices That Actually Work

Managing documentation in an engineering department is not trivial. Use this list of practical tips to create an engineering documentation system that works. These concrete best practices come from real life practice, and have led to a living and useful documentation system at multiple software engineering departments.

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Top OKR mistakes, and how to fix them

While OKRs seem simple, there are many pitfalls. Here are some common mistakes people make when creating and using OKRs.

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The waits cause all the pain

To make something more efficient, make it faster. Instead, find the waits and reduce them. While less intuitive, this is a much better approach that often yields massive improvements with relatively little effort.

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Great coffee and technical decision making

Kopi Luwak is considered the best coffee in the world. What makes it great is intriguing, shocking, and offers an analogy on how something seemingly great can be perversely twisted into proverbial poop.

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Bridging the Gap: Early Engineering Leadership with a Fractional CTO

Bring in the expertise to grow and mature your engineering department earlier than you thought it was possible. By hiring a fractional CTO you can harness the expertise for growth and without the full-time cost. This strategic move fast-tracks your team maturity, delivering executive-level insight without breaking your budget.

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Laser Scissors

Fancy technology does not make everything better. Lasers. On scissors. C'mon. What will they think of next.

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The Creative Squiggle

Discover the design squiggle, a concept that captures the messy and uncertain journey of creative projects. Learn how visualizing this process can help teams navigate challenges and find their way to success.

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The Essential Guide to Wrangling OKRs

Learn how to wrangle your company's OKRs with our opinionated essential guide. From setting ambitious goals to tracking progress, we share practical tips and best practices for effective OKR management. Take your business to the next level with this must-read article.

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