Guiding engineering leaders on their journey to excellence

Coaching, seasoned advice, and proven playbooks to help your team perform at their best. I help software engineering leaders at growing companies scale and mature their teams and departments.

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Focus where engineering meets people and execution

Your team needs a solid foundation and scaffolding in order to prosper. I'll help you gain visibility into your production systems and remote team, use your people and system metrics to generate insights, grow & develop the team, and execute expertly against your goals.

I’ve done this before

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The key to your success

  • Build an effective recruitment and interview process to find the best people for your team
  • Design your organization and teams so that they work well with each other and deliver great results
  • Build a comprehensive career framework so that team members continue to grow and perform at their best
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You can’t improve what you don’t measure

  • Build a metrics framework to gain visibility into production systems and remote teams, so you're always aware of what's going on
  • Measure growth & improvement and react to issues quickly through regular use of metrics
  • Gain data-backed insights from your metrics and use them to make wise decisions
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Execution is everything

  • Learn how to set impactful goals and use OKRs to align with the company strategy
  • Reliably and consistently execute towards your goals by using proven methods and tools
  • Build a remote team culture that will allow your distributed team to thrive
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Who I work with

I work with software engineering leaders at small -- seed through series B -- and rapidly growing startups. Our clients are passionate, curious, and cherish learning and growing. They strive for excellence.
They understand that what got them here won't get them where they need to go. They know that in order to continue their journey, they need to invest in their people, systems, and processes.
Our clients know that the road to success is through a combination of doing the right things, and doing them well. They do know that shortcuts exist, and welcome the opportunity to use them when appropriate.

Collaborate in a way that aligns with your needs

Which way works best for you?

Tell me what to do

A one-off consultation to answer your questions or address problem that you're facing.

You'll walk away informed, with fresh ideas, perspectives, and plans for next steps.

Stand by me

A 3-month engagement to make concrete improvements in how you operate.

I'll guide and support you, so that you efficiently accomplish what you need to get done and avoid silly mistakes.

Build it for me

I'll build a playbook, process, or system that meets your needs and implement it for you.

I'll build what you need, quickly, based on experience and best practices, so that you can focus on the engineering side of things.

How can I help you?

If there is one thing you could change on your software engineering team, what would it be? I'd be delighted to chat to learn more about your needs.

Delighted clients

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What people say

"During a period of rapid expansion in which our team grew more than fourfold, Krystian helped our engineering organization achieve world-class levels of structure, processes, and systems. Krystian worked in concert with other department leaders, employing an individualized approach with each team member, ensuring that everyone felt heard and inspired."


Nazar Ivaniv


15Five Inc.

"Krystian's ability to drive business performance for a U.S. based company with an international team of engineering leaders in a remote-work environment is second to none. During his time with us, he has built the engineering management structure, a clear reporting system, created a platform team to improve reliability and uptime, and partnered with other cross-functional senior leaders on strategic product objectives."


Ruben Harris


Career Karma Inc.

"Krystian was a game-changer for SlideCamp when it came to figuring out the roadmap for our security and compliance. With his exceptional understanding of the field, he developed a roadmap that successfully addressed both the business needs and the crucial aspect of security and compliance. His talent for balancing these two crucial areas and breaking them down into manageable steps took us to another level."


Paweł Jurczyński