Expert help and advice
for scaling engineering teams

I help engineering leaders at SaaS startups tune and scale their engineering teams. Growing remote engineering teams from 5 people to 50 is my specialty. You'll get expert advice and proven playbooks to support confident growth.

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Supporting software engineering leaders while they grow their teams

You have your hands full building your product and scaling infrastructure. You also need to think about hiring, organizational structure, team development and retention, metrics, goals, compliance, and building processes to support your continued growth. If you're doing this for the first time, that's lot to cover.

With me by your side, you can stride forward confidently. With proven playbooks, you won't start from zero. As a thought partner and coach, you'll have someone to support you.

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What does a fractional CTO do?

A fractional CTO (fCTO) works alongside the Head of Engineering, CTO, or VP of Engineering. The fCTO provides guidance and support to the engineering leader and their team. An fCTO works with a team on a part-time basis, from a few hours per month to as much as a few days per week. They focus on one or a few areas of improvement. This involves working with the engineering leader, and other engineering managers, and offering support in places where they need it most. Their involvement might be purely advisory, or more hands on, leading a project or initiative.

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Engineering department assessment

You can't fix what you don't see

Get an assessment of your team, benchmarked against industry scales.

You will:

  • Get a breakdown of your team's capabilities, where you shine, and where things could be improved
  • Uncover the things that are holding you back, and get advice on how to fix them
  • Understand how you compare to other companies at a similar stage of growth

OKR training for engineering managers

No-nonsense OKR advice & hands-on support

Many companies use OKRs for driving goals. Often, they are done poorly.

With OKR coaching, your managers will learn how to:

  • Define OKRs that will help them hit their goals
  • Use OKRs through the quarter to consistently drive work
  • Communicate the progress and results with the rest of the team and company
OKR crafting & review

Building remote teams

Hiring and maintaining outsourced teams in Europe

Are you hesitant to work with an outsourcing company and would prefer to build a team to your needs? I will build a team specifically for you that will work only with you.

  • Help you plan the team makeup, seniority, and working process for the remote team
  • Find candidates and work with you interviewing them, to pick the ones that are a great match for you team
  • The programmers work exclusively for you and I help to bridge cultural and operation concerns.
  • I take care of local contracting, HR, and legal concerns.
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Delighted clients

  • 15Five
  • Refound
  • Career Karma
  • Diabetyk24
  • JMP Flowers
  • Slidecamp


What people say

"During a period of rapid expansion in which our team grew more than fourfold, Krystian helped our engineering organization achieve world-class levels of structure, processes, and systems. Krystian worked in concert with other department leaders, employing an individualized approach with each team member, ensuring that everyone felt heard and inspired."


Nazar Ivaniv


15Five Inc.

"Krystian's ability to drive business performance for a U.S. based company with an international team of engineering leaders in a remote-work environment is second to none. During his time with us, he has built the engineering management structure, a clear reporting system, created a platform team to improve reliability and uptime, and partnered with other cross-functional senior leaders on strategic product objectives."


Ruben Harris


Career Karma Inc.

"As our team grew, we recognized the need to enhance our software delivery processes. Krystian joined us to address this challenge, working closely with our engineering and product leaders to streamline operations. His practical coaching of our engineering leadership led to noticeable improvements in the efficiency and quality of our software development, directly benefiting our delivery capabilities and setting a solid foundation for ongoing success."


Marcin Jabłoński

Board Member

"Krystian was a game-changer for SlideCamp when it came to figuring out the roadmap for our security and compliance. With his exceptional understanding of the field, he developed a roadmap that successfully addressed both the business needs and the crucial aspect of security and compliance. His talent for balancing these two crucial areas and breaking them down into manageable steps took us to another level."


Paweł Jurczyński


Collaborate in a way that aligns with your needs

Which way works best for you?

Tell me what to do

A one-time consultation to answer your questions or address problem that you're facing.

You'll walk away informed, with fresh ideas, perspectives, and plans for what to do next.

Stand by me

A multi-month engagement to make concrete improvements in how you operate. Through coaching & advice, I'll help you get where you need to be.

We'll spend a few hours per week together. I'll guide and support you, so that you efficiently accomplish what you need to get done and avoid silly mistakes.

Build it for me

I'll build a playbook, process, or system that meets your needs and implement it for you.

Such a project approach is great for creating an efficient hiring process, building a career framework, or creating a documentation of communication framework for your team.

How can I help you?

What kinds of problems are you dealing with? Where would you like to take your engineering department? I'd be happy to learn more about your needs.