Why am I doing this?

I've built Koliber Services to share the guidance I wish I had.

Krystian Cybulski

Krystian has been building web-based services since the first dot-com boom. One amazing thing was how with each passing year, more powerful software tools, libraries, and services made building things easier. Nowadays, much of the scaffolding is provided by 3rd party libraries and services, and engineers focus on the things that make your product unique and valuable.

One day, he found himself responsible for a team. It was thrilling, but at the same time challenging. How to be aware of everything that's going on? How to set good goals? How to hire well? How to structure teams? There were no ready-made services for any of this. It was not possible to buy a process or a framework. There were loads of buzzwords, but little advice on how to actually do things well. There were lots of tools, but little guidance on how to use them well.

It took a lot of time to figure out how to make things work at scale. So he did what everyone else does, and started learning. With reams of books and many years behind him, many of the things that were once daunting are now clear.

Now, the road through these department scaling challenges is much clearer. There are good playbooks and approaches for many of the things that keep new engineering leaders up at night. Koliber Services is here to share those and support you as your engineering department scales.